Think a Cowhide Doesn’t Fit Your Style? Think Again!

If you are considering using cowhide to decorate your home but are fearful that cowhide just doesn’t match you personally, think again. Cowhide is one of the most versatile decorating tools there is. It goes along with almost every style. And since it is unique and one of a kind, it makes everything look more custom. There is a perfect cowhide rug for your style out there and waiting!

Is Metallic for You?

If you are worried about a cowhide rug being too rustic or traditional, fear not. Metallic cowhide rugs are not only unique, but they are also flashy and can make any room look exciting and fresh. Cowhide metallic rugs shimmer and sparkle with flare and can dress up any boring old space. They come in great colors like gold and blue, and they just add a little extra pizzazz where you want it most!

Is a Solid Cowhide Rug Your Style?

If you are looking for a perfect cowhide rug for your style, a traditional solid color might be a perfect match. Cowhide rugs come in all different solid colors and shapes. If you want to match existing decor or go with a color theme, a solid cowhide rug might be the ticket. If it matches the color scheme of the room, it might not be as flashy as other types, but it will blend in well with the existing decor. Even better, the texture will make the room look warm and inviting.

Looking for the Rustic Feel?

Traditional cowhide rugs in animal prints are a great way to make your room feel rustic and homey. The best part about a traditional cowhide rug is that no two are the same. That means that no matter where you use your cowhide rug for decor, it will be unlike any other. Choose a white with brown or white with black style. They go well with any natural looking decor. Because they have clean lines, they also compliment any contemporary space nicely.

Add Some Pillows to Complete the Look

Once you find a perfect cowhide rug for your style, enhance it by finding pillows to scatter. Cowhide pillows are a great way to add a focal point to the room. And if they match the cowhide rug, they tie the entire look together. Whether you choose a metallic, traditional, or solid cowhide rug, there is a pillow to make it look that much more spectacular!

If you think that cowhide doesn’t match your style of decor, think again. Cowhides are so versatile that they can make any space look unique and custom. Check out all the great cowhide decorating ideas at as well as all the products that will make your home beautiful today!

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