Common Myths About Cowhide Rugs

Although not everyone is a born decorator, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your house your haven. The way to do that is to throw out concerns about the “right” way to decorate, including common myths about cowhide rugs. A cowhide rug is one of the most versatile rug materials you can use, and it comes with a vast number of advantages. Here are some common myths about cowhide rugs and why they’re not true.

Myth: They Are Uncomfortable

Many people who have never felt or owned a cowhide rug might think that they are uncomfortable. Because they are thin, many people wrongly assume that they can’t keep your feet and your space warm. Cowhide is a very comfortable and soft-feeling material that will lighten and warm any room. It is also soft to the touch and feels really good under your feet. So don’t believe the myth – a cowhide rug is very comfortable!

Myth: They Are Fragile

There is nothing worse than staining your new carpeting. The good news is that cowhide rugs aren’t as fragile as you might have heard. If you properly stain-guard them, when a spill happens, all you have to do is wipe it clean. Cowhide is less porous than other carpeting materials. So if you protect it properly, it is actually less likely to stain than other alternatives.

Myth: They Are Very Expensive

Another misconception about cowhide rugs is that they are all expensive. If you think that one is out of your price range, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that many cowhide rugs are inexpensive. Many cowhide rugs are priced in the same range as other area rugs. Depending on what type you choose, some are highly affordable. Perhaps this myth was born because cowhide gives off such a high-end appearance.

Myth: They Are Too Rustic for Many Spaces

A common myth about cowhide rugs is that they always give a “rustic” look. However, cowhide rugs come in a vast number of varieties, sizes, shapes, and colors, many of which aren’t rustic at all. A metallic version or a solid color rug looks anything but rustic. In fact, in the right space, they look very modern and contemporary. So, don’t pigeonhole cowhide as too anything. You can find one that will blend in with whatever your style is.

If you like the idea of a cowhide rug but have been turned off due to some common myths, think of the facts instead. The right cowhide rug will look awesome in any space, is well within your price range, and is soft and comfortable. Check out all the styles available at today!

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