Best Cowhide Rugs For Kids

A kid’s room is the perfect spot for a cowhide rug. Not only will it give kids a soft spot to walk and play on, but it can also add an element of fun and style to their room. If you are going to buy a cowhide rug for your kid’s room, involve them in the purchase process. Show them the different designs and styles and help them decide which would work best in their room. These rugs will be popular with young elementary-aged kids as well as teens. Here are three styles of cowhide rugs that are fun for kids.

Metallic Rugs

Metallic cowhide rugs are bright, shiny, and perfect for a child. They can pick between silver metallic on a white cowhide rug or a gold or silver metallic zebra cowhide rug. This style of rug is so much fun. It carries the same shape as a traditional cowhide rug just with an element of shine.

Animal Print Rugs

If your child is an animal lover, then an animal print cowhide rug is the perfect choice for their room. Kids can pick between zebra, leopard, and tiger print cowhide rugs. The zebra rug comes in many different styles. You can buy a predominately white-colored zebra rug or one that is mostly black. The zebra style also comes in metallic gold and silver. The leopard and tiger rugs only come in one style, but they are perfect for a child’s room.

Colored Dyed Rugs

Kids’ rooms are typically very colorful. Match their colorful room and personality with a colored dyed cowhide rug. Choose between green, yellow, turquoise, pink, black, red, navy blue, purple, orange, or chocolate-colored rug. These rugs are shaped like a traditional cowhide rug but swap the neutral colors for a splash of color. Picking a colored cowhide rug is a great way for your child to express themselves as they decorate their room. Help your child determine which color would look best in their room.eCowhides has so many cowhide rugs to choose from it can be hard to know where to begin when decorating a child’s room. Fortunately, there are a few options that stick out as being kid-friendly. The first is the metallic rug. Kids love shiny things, and the rug in their room is no exception. The second option is the animal print rugs. These rugs could be especially popular among your children if their favorite animal is a zebra, leopard, or tiger. Last but not least, the colored dyed rugs will add an element of color and style to your child’s room and can match an existing color scheme. Pull up the eCowhides website today and start showing your child options for their bedroom. They will be so excited and want to order their new rug as soon as possible

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