How To Pick The Best Cowhide Rug For Your Home

eCowhides has so many rugs to choose from. How do customers ever decide which Brazilian cowhide rug to pick? It can be difficult, but it’s essential to narrow down the choices based on style, color, and size. It is also important to think about which room the rug will be placed in and what the overall style of décor in the home is. Read on for more tips about how to pick the best Brazilian cowhide rug for your home.


The style of the rug is the first thing homeowners should consider when picking out a cowhide rug. Pick between a traditional Brazilian cowhide rug, a unique cowhide rug, a patchwork rug, an animal print rug, a metallic rug, or a color-dyed rug. Getting a rug for a kid’s room? A metallic or color-dyed rug is a fun way to let your kids express their style. Buying a rug for your rustic mountain home? Stick with the traditional cowhide rug to match the style of the house. Is your home decorated in a modern style? Then pick a patchwork rug to add a more geometric feel to the room.


Another way to pick a cowhide rug is based on color. With our traditional rugs, homeowners can choose between rugs with various shades of brown, grey, and black, as well as peppered, tri-colored, and brindle rugs. If you are interested in a rug with a very neutral color, choose a white patchwork rug. If you love a splash of color and glam, a color-dyed rug or a metallic rug may be a perfect choice. When it comes to color, there is no wrong answer! Pick a color that satisfies your taste and that will look good with your existing décor.


Size is another important consideration when choosing a cowhide rug. The traditional cowhide rugs come in large, XL, and XXL sizes. The patchwork rugs come in 6’ x 4’, 8’ x 5’, and 10’ x 8’. Pick the size depending on where you are putting the rug in your house. Take some measurements in the room and mark where the rug would go with tape. This is a good way to get a visual of the size of the rug before ordering.

Style, color, and size are the three most important factors to consider when picking a Brazilian cowhide rug. Figure out where you want to put the cowhide rug in the house. This will help guide you in determining the style, color, and size of your future rug. Contact eCowhides today to place your order.

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