Cleaning cowhide rug from eCowhides

To keep a natural cowhide rug clean, it is recommended to vacuum it regularly with a vacuum cleaner.

In case of a more severe stain, it is recommended to absorb it immediately with a clean, dry and undyed cloth or a bounty paper towel. Then clean with a cloth dampened in mild soap, rubbing gently and let dry in the shade.

Do not use solvent-based products or other abrasive cleaning products.

Rotate your cowhide every 3 months to ensure even wear.


Avoid placing sharp objects on your rug or objects that may exert constant friction in the same place, through repetitive movements of chairs and furniture.

Avoid placing it in high traffic areas.

Rugs should not be placed in damp areas or in contact with water, as the damage may be irreversible.

Avoid constant exposure to the sun.

Moving and Storage

To transport or store, roll the hide lengthwise, ensuring that the base of the hide is on the inside and store in a cool temperature controled place.

cowhide rug cleaning from eCowhides


Initially, there may be hair loss from the cow hide due to the handling and production process to which it was subjected. This drop is natural and will be less intense with the course of daily use.

Simple and efficient tips

1. Attention! Use only mild soap to clean your rug. Apply with a slightly damp cloth, without excessively wetting the rug so as not to soak it

2. Do not dry clean

3. Do not tumble dry, do not iron and/or steam

4. Spilled liquids must be removed immediately, avoiding the formation of stains

5. Dry in the shade (hang the rug and let it dry naturally)

6. Rugs with dyeing should avoid moisture, as they can stain in contact with other objects/materials or floor. Important: be careful with sensitive and/or worked floors that may be incompatible with the pH of the leather. Leather pH range between 3 and 4

7. When receiving the cowhide, if it is wavy or has fold marks, it must be left open and lying on the floor in an environment with little circulation for at least seven days to lose the wavy effect caused by the packaging

8. It is recommended to use your cowhide in places with low traffic, thus avoiding aging due to wear.

9. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, as it can cause the rug to age prematurely.

10. In case your pet urinates on the rug, just dry it with a cloth, then use a cloth dampened in a 50% water and 50% vinegar solution, pass it over the affected area and let it dry naturally