Think Cowhides Are Too Delicate for Your Busy Life? Think Again!

Are you looking for a specific décor piece to liven up your home? Nothing is as great of a conversation starter as a cowhide rug. A rug is a décor piece that brings your living room together. You want your rug to be a clean, classy conversation starter and stand out in a good way. That’s why we believe cowhides make the perfect rug. People who don’t know anything about this popular décor piece might ask themselves, “How durable are cowhides?” But cowhides are more low maintenance than you might think.

How Durable Are Cowhides?

A lot of the durability of a cowhide comes down to its quality. At eCowhides, we make sure we’re involved in the production process of cowhides so that we can ensure that our hides are high quality. A cowhide rug is not the same as a carpet rug. Since it comes from an animal, the hide is already made with durability to protect the animal. This means that the hide by itself is likely to be more durable than your average rug.

Rugs are sewn together out of materials such as wool, nylon, acrylic, and rubber. These materials naturally deteriorate over time. In addition, because carpeting and rugs are sewn together, there are bound to be tiny holes throughout. This means that typical rugs are easier to damage than a cowhide which is one solid piece. Additionally, with cowhide, the cow hair lies flat against the leather, which means that your hide won’t shed. This also means that it is less prone to catching on things and tearing like other carpets and rugs.

How to Protect Your Cowhide

Although they are durable, protecting your cowhide is still the best way to ensure that the rug lasts. One important part of protecting your cowhide rug is keeping it in a dry place. You won’t want to place it in your bathroom. Cowhides are not washable, so you want to keep them in a place that has as little moisture as possible.

If you spill something on your rug, you will want to take care of it as soon as possible. You can simply spot clean it with water and a little bit of vinegar. In addition, you can properly stain guard your hide to make any spills even easier clean up.

Finally, if you are placing your cowhide underneath furniture, be sure to cover your furniture legs with protectors. Heavy furniture can permanently dent the leather of the hide.

Get Your Cowhide

Many people write off cowhide rugs because they think they’re too hard to care for. But cowhides are more durable and low-maintenance than you’d expect. This is especially true if you are buying your hide from an expert company that produces high-quality cowhide. If you are interested in purchasing a durable cowhide rug or other décor item, visit eCowhides today.

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