There Is Always a Place for Cowhide

Cowhide is one the most versatile must-haves for any decor. Not only is it beautiful and exotic, but it is highly durable. If you are considering incorporating a cowhide into your interior design but worry that it won’t fit in, fear not! There is always a place for cowhide. You just have to be creative and use your imagination. Cowhide is not just for the floor; it can make an excellent statement for many surfaces around your house.

Cover That Old Vanity Stool

Don’t throw out that old bench or vanity stool. Use cowhide to repurpose it and give it new life. The little bit of accent that the top of the seat provides will turn your shabby bench or stool into a chic piece. Not only will it make a great contemporary piece, but the sturdiness of the cowhide means the cover will stand the test of time.

Recover That Old Seat

Instead of recovering your dining room or kitchen chairs with the same old, same old, make your room stand out with a fresh and unique look. Use similar but varying patterns and cover the tops of your chairs. Make sure to put some waterproofing treatment on top for those supper-time spills.

Mix Up Textures

Use cowhide to mix things up a bit. If you have a leather chair that is a little drab, refinish only the seat of it with cowhide. If you re-cover only part of your furniture like an old leather chair, it will give your furniture character and make it a great conversation piece. Use an exotic pattern for a unique look, or use a rich monotone for a more subtle piece. No matter which you choose, cowhide takes the ordinary and makes it something extraordinary.

Use It as a Wall Hanging

The beauty of cowhide is undeniable. If you want to tie things together in your living or bedroom, consider framing a piece of it with a vintage picture frame. It can give your room a little "Southwestern" feel, or it can make it feel more “boutique.” The best thing about cowhide is that it sets the stage for all different types of decor and brings out the best of your style.

If you are wondering if cowhide is too exotic or one-sided to fit into your decor, the answer is “absolutely not!” There is always a place for cowhide. You can use it as the focal point, by purchasing a beautiful cowhide rug, or as an accent point, by repurposing an old antique. Whatever you use it for, it is the perfect material to show off the uniqueness in you. eCowhides has a vast number of cowhide choices to adorn your spaces. Find the one that is perfect for you, and show off your wild side.

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