Rustic vs. Modern: How to Make Your Cowhide Rug Match Your Style

When you hear the word "cowhide" it probably conjures up pictures of the old west and guys in cowboy boots. But, cowhide materials are good for so much more. Quite arguably one of the most versatile styles of rugs you can purchase, it can go in any room decor from modern to rustic. It is all about the type of cowhide you buy and what you pair it with that matters. A tasteful cowhide rug can add uniqueness and flare to any room of your home. So, which cowhide says “You"? To find out, ask yourself these questions.

Basic White or Give It All You Got?

Basic white cowhides can go anywhere and blend into your natural style. Whether you are a traditional or contemporary-lover, it won’t distract from your theme. A white cowhide will make those pieces you love so much stand out.

If, however, you are more of an adventurous, eclectic designer, then a Tricolor Brazilian cowhide can bring out the uniqueness of your style. Or, try a color dyed cowhide rug in a bright color. These unique pieces will add a bold, distinctive look to any room.

Match or Match?

Are you someone who wants to go with the flow and stick to matching, or do you like to go against the fray? The secret to making cowhide look excellent in any space is figuring out if you want it to match and blend, or if you want it to call out.

If you want to go more traditional, try to find a cowhide that blends in what you already have. If you're going to go a little more exciting, find one that doesn’t match much at all. It is all about whether you want the rug to be an accessory, or if you want to make it the focal point of a room.

Lots of Texture or Play It Safe?

Cowhides are lovely because they have sleek lines and add warmth without the cushiness of other types of carpeting. Although the texture is their signature, if you buy a solid print, it won't stand out as much. It will add to the ambiance of the room, but it won’t overpower it. If going overboard and being creative is the look you are looking for, then find a cowhide that has texture and color everywhere. 

The beauty of a cowhide rug is that it is versatile enough to adorn any room or decor. The one that is right for your style depends on whether you want the cowhide to be the focal point and build around it, or if you want it to blend in and enhance what you’ve already got. The choice is yours. If you're looking for quality cowhide rugs, visit eCowhides. We offer a variety of cowhide decor in both traditional and modern styles.

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