Places to Put a Metallic Cowhide Rug in Your House

Metallic cowhide rugs make a bold style statement. You may want a metallic cowhide rug, but are unsure where to put it in your house. Luckily, this style of rug will look great in a variety of rooms. Whether you pick a gold metallic design on a red rug or a silver metallic design on a white rug, there will be a place in your house for these beauties. Here are three different rooms that are perfect for metallic cowhide rugs.

Child’s Playroom

Children’s playrooms are meant to be a fun, vibrant place to play. A metallic cowhide rug will provide a bold look for the room. These rugs can be used as a space where children can play on the floor. Since the metallic rugs come in different designs, it may be fun to let your child help when picking out which rug to purchase.

Basement Rec Room

Another great spot for a metallic cowhide rug is a basement rec room. This is another place in the house that is meant to be a fun and relaxing space. The metallic cowhide rug will give the rec room a pop of color. It could be placed under a ping pong table, in front of the TV, or in a corner for board games and reading. When used in a rec room, the cowhide rug is both stylish and functional.

Teenager’s Bedroom

A third room in the house to place a metallic cowhide rug would be a teenager’s room. It is almost a guarantee that your teen will love the color and sparkle of the metallic rugs. Teens will feel like they get something nice in their room that also fits with their style. The rug can be a perfect place to do homework, read a book, do yoga stretches, or just relax. Involve your teen on the metallic cowhide rug purchasing decision. This gives them ownership over the décor in their bedroom.

At first glance, you may love a certain metallic cowhide rug but not know where it would go in your home. Be creative and think about rooms that need a vibrant touch of style. Any room where children and teens hang out is a good choice. In addition, a basement rec room is another perfect spot for a metallic cowhide rug. Get together with your kids and decide which style of metallic cowhide rugs would be best for their rooms. Contact eCowhides today to learn more about the variety of rugs in the metallic collection. 

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