Mixing and Matching Cowhide Prints

One of the hottest trends in home decorating is to mix and match various colors and styles to create an eclectic look that is one-of-a-kind. If you want to spruce up your spaces, cowhide prints are an excellent way to provide textures and various colors to create a distinguished look all your own. Don’t limit yourself to the same drab tones. Get creative and let the wild side of you roam free!

How Crazy Can You Get?

When it comes to cowhide prints, there are no two that are alike. Somewhat like a fingerprint, each has its own character. The beauty of a cowhide print lies in its uniqueness. That’s why when it comes to using different types of cowhide in one room, the sky is the limit. Choose a style of cowhide rug, and mix and match it with varying cowhide pillows. The two will play off each other excellently and will give some flavor to your room to make it more lively.

Choose an Animal Print Cowhide

You don’t have to stick to a natural looking cowhide. Change things up with a creative animal print rug to add some flair to any room of your house. They might not come from the animal that the print displays, but that doesn’t take away from the wildness of them. Choose an animal print cowhide rug and combine it with other cowhide accents to mix things up a bit. With everything from cheetah to zebra, the vibrant patterns will come alive and make your room a little spicier.

For the Artsy

So, a regular animal print or static cowhide isn’t enough for you? Then choose a metallic cowhide print. The metallic paint jumps off the rug and screams “excitement.” For the person who really wants to put a lot of pizzazz into their decor, the metallic cowhide rug is a perfect choice.

Want Something Calmer?

If you want to use different cowhides in a room but aren’t that into mixing and matching different prints, then try a color dyed cowhide. The dyed rugs come in a vast number of colors. Mix them with a couple of pillows or an animal print for a unique but simpler look.

The beauty of cowhide is that it can be mixed and matched in any room to fit various decors. Don’t worry about going too wild. After all, isn’t that the whole point of purchasing a cowhide for your house? Check out all the great rugs, accent pillows, and other cowhide accessories to choose from at eCowhides today!

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