Making a Statement with Cowhide Pillows

Although it is highly fashionable right now, cowhide is one of those endearing decorative textiles that stands the test of time. Each cowhide piece is highly durable and one of a kind. If you are looking to jazz up your living room or make your bedroom come alive, cowhide pillows are the perfect way to make a statement!

Let Your Inner Animal Out!

To liven up your living room and make it a little wild, try a leopard cowhide pillow. The pillow itself is made from cowhide, so you get all the durability and softness. But it is colored with leopard skin pattern, which ups the wild factor. As one of the most exotic and unique cowhide pillows to invest in, this piece is an instant conversation starter! Line your couch or use them as an accent piece to your favorite chair.

Metallic Pizzazz

Metallic gold and silver cowhide pillows are the perfect way to add a little shimmer and shine. They are soft and versatile, as well as sturdy and strong. If you pair them with a matching cowhide rug, you have a completely beautiful package for guests to admire.

Solid as They Come

For the person who is all about the suppleness and strength of cowhide but wants to color-coordinate, try a solid colored cowhide pillow. They come in a vast number of sizes, colors, and tones. Try a feminine look with a pink cowhide or go with basic black. Whichever you choose, the pillow will fit right in and provide a texture that is luxurious and sleek.

Brindle It Up

Brindle color is one of the most naturally beautiful mixes of hues that blend together. Each brindle cowhide pillow is one of a kind, which makes them that much more special. Choose one to bring out the color of your walls or your floors, and it will help to lighten the mood. The brindle pattern is rich and inviting for any of your rooms and decorative desires.

To jazz up your living spaces and make things come alive, a cowhide pillow is the perfect accent! You can use them to create ambiance, add texture, or just to make things a little more comfortable. One thing they all have in common, no matter which type you choose, is that they can get a conversation started without fail. Check out all the cowhide pillows available for sale at eCowhides today. The perfect one for you is ready and waiting.

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