How to Decorate Your Vacation Home with Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are the perfect décor item for vacation homes. Whether you have a beach house, a mountain home, or own an Airbnb in the city, a cowhide rug will help give your house a homey and stylish feel. Here are a few ways to decorate based on your type of vacation home.

Beach House

A beach house is a great place for a cowhide rug. In many cases, a beach house will contain a lot of hardwood or tiled floors to make sand cleanup easier. Adding some cowhide rugs throughout the house will create a warmer and more inviting feel. Be sure to place rugs in rooms where the family likes to gather, such as the living room or the dining room. Most colors and styles of rugs will go well with your beachy décor. Owning a beach house means that there will inevitably be a lot of sand tracked into the home. Be sure to keep up with vacuuming and shaking out your cowhide rug to keep it fresh and in great condition.

Mountain Home

Every mountain vacation home should have at least one cowhide rug. Mountain homes typically have a very rustic feel due to the natural surroundings as well as the chosen décor. A cowhide rug is the perfect item to continue this rustic feel. A cowhide rug looks great with other rustic décors, such as wooden furniture and earthy colors. The rug will look good in any room of the house but can be especially inviting in the family room.


Airbnb is a trendy way for people to vacation. Through the Airbnb website, homeowners rent out their homes for tourists to stay in while on vacation. This is an especially popular thing for homeowners to do in desirable vacation spots like San Francisco and New York City. Airbnb owners can potentially book more guests by adding some cowhide rugs to their home. The cowhide rugs will stand out in the pictures posted online and make people want to stay in the warm, inviting, stylish house. Whether the Airbnb is in the city or the country, a cowhide rug will be a crowd-pleaser amongst guests.

Vacation homes are the perfect spot for cowhide rugs. Whether the home is at the beach, in the mountains, or an Airbnb located in the city, décor is very important. What better way to decorate a vacation home than with cowhide rugs? At eCowhides, the available rugs are high-quality, affordable, and come in many different varieties. Contact eCowhides today for more information about decorating your vacation home.

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