How To Decorate A Room Based On A Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs are a perfect addition to any room. A Brazilian cowhide rug is versatile and can set the decorating tone for the entire room. When decorating a new room, start with the cowhide rug and then go from there. Here are some ways to decorate a room based on a cowhide rug.

Cowhide Pillows

The first thing to do after purchasing a cowhide rug is to get cowhide pillows. Having two cowhide products in the same room helps to set the style. Cowhide pillows come in various colors and styles in order to match the rugs. It is a good idea to put cowhide pillows on neutral-colored chairs and couches. For example, if you are purchasing a brown and white cowhide pillow it is probably not going to look good on a red couch. When using cowhide rugs and pillows as the accent point in the room, it is best if the furniture colors remain fairly neutral.

Modern Style

A modern room can be decorated based on a cowhide rug. Patchwork cowhide rugs are very modern. They come in patchwork patterns that typically look like squares or rectangles. This pattern of clean lines adds nicely to a modern room. Purchase chairs and couches in neutral colors that also have clean, modern lines. Glass tables also look great in modern rooms with a patchwork cowhide rug. In this type of room, the walls can be filled with modern art or black and white photographs. This modern style of décor looks great in city apartments with large windows.

Rustic Style

Going in the opposite direction from modern, a cowhide rug can also be used to design a rustic room. Decorate using warm colors. Add décor items such as antlers on the wall and comfortable leather couches. If it is a bedroom, decorate using big, furry, white blankets on the bed. The goal of the rustic room is to be cozy. This style of decorating is perfect for a mountain cabin or a rural home.

A Brazilian cowhide rug can be the central décor item of a room. Basing everything else off the rug can lead to a stylish room. The rugs are versatile, meaning they can be used in both modern and rustic homes. Also, add cowhide pillows to further emphasize the cowhide accent. Contact eCowhides today to learn more about ordering a cowhide rug and beginning your own decorating process.   

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