Elevate Your Home Decor with a Cowhide Rug from eCowhides

When it comes to decorating your home, choosing the right elements to complement your interior style is essential. One versatile and timeless decor item that can instantly transform your living space is one of our cowhide rug. These rugs are not only stylish but also sustainable when sourced from the right places in Brazil and Colombia.

In this blog post, we will explore how you can decorate your home with a cowhide rug from eCowhides to create a chic and inviting atmosphere that reflects your personality and taste.

Cowhide rug from eCowhides 

  1. Choose the Perfect Rug

The first step in decorating your home with a cowhide rug is selecting the perfect one for your space. eCowhides offers a wide range of cow hide rugs in various colors, patterns, and sizes to suit different interior styles. Consider the following factors when choosing the right rug:

a. Room size: Measure the area where you plan to place the rug to determine the appropriate size.

b. Color scheme: Cowhide rugs come in a variety of natural colors, from classic black and white to shades of brown and gray. Choose a color that complements your existing decor.

c. Pattern preference: Whether you prefer a solid color rug or one with a distinct pattern, eCowhides has options to match your taste.

  1. Create a Focal Point

Once you've selected your cowhide rug, it's time to create a focal point in your room. Placing the rug in the center of your living room or under a dining table can draw attention to the space and anchor the entire room's decor. The rug's unique texture and patterns will instantly catch the eye of anyone who enters the room.

  1. Mix and Match with Furniture

Cowhides are incredibly versatile and can work well with various furniture styles. For a modern and minimalistic look, pair your rug with sleek, contemporary furniture pieces. If you prefer a more rustic or eclectic vibe, combine your cowhide rug with vintage or eclectic furniture.

  1. Layer with Other Rugs

To add depth and dimension to your decor, consider layering your cowhide rug with other rugs. Placing a cowhide rug on top of a larger, solid-colored rug can create an interesting visual contrast and add warmth to the room.

  1. Experiment with Placement

Don't limit yourself to conventional rug placements. Cowhide rugs can be used in various ways beyond just placing them on the floor. Try draping a smaller cowhide rug over the back of a sofa or using it as a unique wall hanging. These unconventional placements can add character and creativity to your home decor.

  1. Maintain and Care for Your Cowhide Rug

To ensure your cowhide rug continues to enhance your home decor for years to come, proper maintenance is essential. Regularly vacuum your rug to remove dirt and debris, and rotate it to prevent uneven wear. In case of spills, blot the area gently with a damp cloth and mild soap. eCowhides also offers care guidelines for their cowhide rugs, so be sure to follow their recommendations.

cow hide rugs from eCowhides


A cowhide rug from eCowhides can be a game-changer in your home decor journey. With its natural beauty, durability, and versatility, it can elevate any room's aesthetic. By choosing the right rug, creating a focal point, mixing and matching with furniture, experimenting with placement, and maintaining proper care, you can turn your living space into a stylish and inviting haven that reflects your unique style. So, why wait? Visit eCowhides.com today and explore their exquisite collection of cowhide rugs to start transforming your home decor!

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