Decor Tips for a Rustic Mountain Home

A house with rustic décor is perfect when the home is in a "rustic" setting. This style of décor works well in a mountain home. There are many different ways to decorate with rustic style. A good starting point is to invest in an authentic cowhide rug for various rooms in the house. Once you have the rug down, other décor items can be based on this piece. Here are four ways to implement rustic style into your mountain home.

Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are a common décor item in rustic homes. These beautiful rugs come in many different styles and colors. In a rustic mountain home, you can put these rugs in multiple rooms. They are both stylish and functional. If the room has hardwood floors, the rugs help to warm up the room and give homeowners a comfortable spot to sit and relax. Order from eCowhides to get an authentic cowhide rug made in a Brazilian, family-owned tannery.

Cowhide Pillowcases

Once you invest in a cowhide rug, you have to get the matching pillowcases. Place these pillowcases on pillows on chairs and couches around the room. These pillowcases also look great as decorative bed pillows. Between the rug and the pillows, the room will start to gain a real "rustic" feel!

Wood and Leather Furniture

Rustic homes are full of wood and leather furniture. The wooden furniture should be rough, so it resembles natural wood. Leather couches and chairs fit this style as well. Any piece of furniture that you purchase should be simple and not ornate. Remember, a rustic style fits in well with the surrounding nature. Any décor item should not be overly detailed or complex.

Neutral Colors

Rustic homes should have neutral colors. Everything including walls, leather furniture, bedding, and rugs should have neutral color tones, like browns, blacks, off-whites, and earthy tones. A rustic home should not have any bright colors, as they ruin the resemblance to nature.

Rustic décor has gained popularity as a decorating option over the past years. This style fits in perfectly at rustic mountain homes. If you own a home in the mountains, consider decorating your house with an authentic cowhide rug, matching cowhide pillowcases, and simple wood and leather furniture. Every decorative item should have neutral colors in order to fit in with the natural setting. For more information about cowhide rugs and the different available styles, contact eCowhides today.

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