Cowhide Rugs: Cleaning and Care Tips

Cowhide rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. They can transcend many different types of styles. These rugs look great in modern, rustic, contemporary, and minimalistic homes alike! In addition, they can be placed in any room in the house - whether it’s the master bedroom, dining room, or a kid’s bedroom. We know what you might be thinking… “there’s no way I could have a rug that nice in my house without it getting dirty or ruined!” Luckily, cowhide rugs are easy to care for, even if they do get stained! At eCowhides, we have a wide selection of cowhide rugs that can be shipped directly to your home. Our family-owned company puts our heart and soul into the quality of our rugs. Once you order your rug, be sure that you properly care for it so that it lasts a long time. Read on to learn some tips and tricks about how to care for and clean your cowhide rug.


Cowhide rugs are great to have in homes with kids and dogs because they are actually very durable and low-maintenance. Most rugs are made out of materials like wool or nylon with rubber bottoms. These materials deteriorate over time. Since cowhide rugs come from animals, they are naturally more durable as the hair and skin protect the animals. Another good thing about cowhide rugs is that they do not lose hair or “shed” like other types of rugs. The durability of cowhide rugs means you can place them anywhere in your home - even high-traffic areas, like an entryway or a basement rec room. Even though they are durable, it is still important to properly care for your rug.

Weekly Cleanings

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The most important thing you can do for your cowhide rug is to clean your rug once a week. Don’t wait until you spill coffee or drop pasta sauce on your rug to clean it! Keeping your rug clean all the time will help it look new longer. Each week you should be vacuuming your cowhide rug. Set your vacuum on the "rug" stetting and use the vacuum brush. Vacuum in the direction of the hairs. In addition, take your rug outside each week and give it a good shake. This will help get out any dirt that the vacuum may have missed.

Cleaning Stains

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Drinks are probably the most common thing that gets spilled on rugs. This is especially true if your rug is in the dining or living room. Whether it is juice, coffee, or wine, have no fear - your rug can be cleaned, and the stain can be removed. First, soak up the stain using a damp towel. Once the stain has been soaked, mix up a solution of 95% water and 5% white vinegar. Put the mixture on a washcloth and the stain should come right out! After cleaning the stain, let the rug dry. If the stain is solid, like a slice of pizza, pasta noodles, or a chunk of jelly, use a blunt edge to scrape the solid debris off of the rug. Then you can use the wet rag and vinegar solution to remove the stain.

Stop Curling

Sometimes the edges of cowhide rugs will begin to curl. When this happens, the rug becomes a tripping hazard. There are several things you can do to fix the curling. Sometimes simply slightly spray the edges with warm water. Next, place a towel on either side of the rug. Then place heavy books on top to flatten the edges. Leave the rug like this overnight, and the edges should be flattened by the morning.

Don’t Do These Things!

There are a few things to avoid doing with your cowhide rug. First, never put the rug in the washing machine. This can ruin the rug. In addition, do not take the rug to the dry cleaner. If you want to have your rug professionally cleaned, call a local carpet cleaning company instead. Also, do not soak the rug. As mentioned above, a stain can be dabbed at with a damp cloth. The key word here is "damp." You should not be soaking your rug with water. Finally, do not use carpet cleaners on the rug to remove stains. This may be tempting with certain pet or drink stains, but it can ruin the rug. Instead, remove as much debris as you can and use that 95% water 5% vinegar solution as a homemade carpet cleaner.

Cowhide rugs are the best! Not only are they beautiful, but they are also durable, low-maintenance, and easy to clean. The best way to keep your cowhide rug in good shape and looking new and clean is to vacuum and give it a shake outside once a week. This will remove any debris and keep your rug nice and fresh! If something gets spilled on the rug, the solution is easy. Soak up the stain with a damp towel and remove any remaining stain with a 95% water 5% vinegar solution. 

At eCowhides, our goal is to provide you with a wide selection of cowhide rugs at an affordable price. We want to help you create the home décor of your dreams! For more information about our rugs and how to care for them, contact us today.


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