6 Reasons to Love Cowhide

If you are considering whether cowhide is right for your decorating style, the answer is “Yes.” Cowhides are so versatile that they are right for anyone looking to spruce things up, warm things up, or just to add some texture. If you need reasons to love cowhide, here are just a few of them.

They Are Highly Durable

Cowhides are a very durable material that you can use in any part of the home. Unlike carpeting that can show major wear and tear in high traffic areas, cowhides are highly durable and maintain their appearance. That makes them perfect for any area of your home.

They Are Unique

Since there are no two cowhides that are the same, having a cowhide rug means that you have something that is one of a kind. In these days of Ikea and Target, it can feel like everyone has the same stuff. A cowhide, on the other hand, is completely custom and adds a unique flair to any space.

They Can Be Inexpensive

Although you might think that cowhides are extremely expensive, they don’t have to be. The price of most cowhides is about equal to or less than other comparable area rugs. So don’t be fooled by the myth. Check them out before you assume that they are outside of your price range!

They Add Clean Lines

Cowhides might seem like they can only go in rustic spaces, but their clean lines can make them perfect for all decor styles from traditional to contemporary. Even if you’re not a rustic lover, you can make them fit your style. It all depends on how you bring the whole look together.

They Come in Many Different Styles

Cowhide rugs come in many different colors and styles. If you are a wild-child, use an animal print. If you are more basic, a plain or solid color cowhide rug will work wonderfully. With so many different styles to choose from, you will fall in love with the perfect one just for you.

They Are Easy to Maintain

There is nothing fragile about a cowhide rug. If you use a stain guard treatment, you don’t have to worry about stains soaking in. All you have to do is wipe the rug clean, and it is good to go. Not only is a cowhide rug highly durable, it is practically maintenance-free. That is the best reason to love cowhide!

If you are considering adding a cowhide rug to your home, what are you waiting for? There isn’t anywhere that a cowhide rug can’t go. Find the unique one that calls to you, and you won’t be disappointed. Check out all the great cowhide products available at eCowhides.com today. 

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