5 Unique Rooms in Your Home to Decorate with a Cowhide Rug

Looking for a new décor item to make your home look fabulous? Look no further! At eCowhides, we sell a large inventory of cowhide rugs online. A cowhide rug is a great way to add a classy element of décor to any room in the house. Whether you invest in a classic, traditional cowhide rug or a fun, bright metallic rug, each one helps tie the style of the room together. Your new rug will serve as the focal point of the room you place it in and is a great item to help you determine other decorating styles. As you navigate our site, keep in mind where these rugs would look best in your home. Read on for ideas about how to decorate five unique rooms in your house with a cowhide rug.


A home office is a fantastic place to put a cowhide rug. An office can often be the last place homeowners think to decorate. They see this space as a place of work and prioritize their decorating efforts elsewhere. Adding a cowhide room to a home office is the perfect way to get started decorating the space. A patchwork cowhide rug looks wonderful in an office because they are simple and modern. A white or cream-colored cowhide rug is another option to put in the office. It sets the tone for a neutral decorating palette. Once you have the rug down, there are many other ways to add in additional neutral-colored décor. Buy modern art with clean lines to hang on the walls, or hang up black and white photographs. Invest in some soft lighting that is controlled by a dimmer switch. Looking for a pop of color? Adding plants in the office is another way to bring some color into the room without being overwhelming.


A bathroom seems like an odd place to put a cowhide rug, but it can actually be the perfect spot. The master bathroom is a good place to start because it is usually the biggest bathroom in the house. Place the rug in the wide-open space. If you have a sink area that's separate from the actual bathroom, this is another spot to place the rug. A traditional cowhide rug looks awesome in this space. It will make your bathroom seem much homier and less cold. After picking the rug, it is time to start adding other nice décor items to the bathroom. One way to elevate the look of the bathroom is to invest in jars for storing bathroom-related items. For example, instead of throwing your cotton balls and Q-tips on the countertop, get jars with lids to store them in. This will not only improve the appearance of the bathroom, but will also make it easier to get organized.


A home library is another wonderful spot for a cowhide rug. Whether you have a separate library room or just a reading nook in a corner somewhere, both are great spots to put a cowhide rug. The rug will immediately make the space look cozier and more inviting. It also gives homeowners a nice spot to sit and read or browse books. Both traditional and patchwork cowhide rugs will work well in this space. If you have a couch in the library, buy matching cowhide pillows as well. The goal is to make your library or reading nook as comfortable as possible. A library is also a space where kids can do their homework. Most kids enjoy working on the floor, so the cowhide rug is a perfect way to draw them in and give them a spot to do their homework. A library is also the perfect place for a family game night. Spread out a board game over the cowhide rug, providing the whole family with a comfortable place to sit.


A sunroom is another unique room to put a cowhide rug in. This room is full of windows and is an ideal place to relax. It makes homeowners feel close to the outdoors and gives them a way to stay comfortable even when the weather is bad outside. Place a cowhide rug in this room to provide a focal point. Decorate the room with comfy furniture and add a lot of plants. Don’t forget to invest in various lamps or overhead lighting so that you can still enjoy the sunroom at night. Any type of cowhide rug will look fantastic in a sunroom!

Kid’s Room

Last but not least, a kid’s room is a great place to put a cowhide rug. At eCowhides, we have a lot of rugs that are visually pleasing to kids. Our metallic and color-dyed cowhide rugs are perfect for kids. Allow your child to browse through our website with you and pick out the rug of their dreams. If they pick a colored rug, let this be the decorating theme of their room. For example, if they choose a pink rug, help them find pink bedding that they like as well to match. Your child will be so excited to help with decorating their room. According to Décor Aid, a New York City-based interior designer, kids will take pride in the outcome of helping to decorate, and it can inspire them to help you take better care of your home. This is a win-win situation for everyone! A cowhide rug also gives kids the perfect spot to sit and play. The metallic rugs come in gold and silver. The color-dyed rugs come in green, yellow, blue, pink, red, navy, orange, and chocolate.

When it comes to decorating around the house, think outside of the box! Try to find unique rooms where you can put your new cowhide rug. At eCowhides, we have a huge selection of rugs for sale at affordable prices. Order now and get your new rug delivered to your door shortly. Don’t forget to post your picture on social media and tag us so that we can see all the unique ways you are using your cowhide rug in your home. For more information about ordering a cowhide rug, contact us today.

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