5 Reasons Why Cowhide Isn’t Just for a Ranch House

Sometimes people get stuck into pigeonholing specific decorating styles that limit what you think you can do to make your spaces come alive. If you are holding off on purchasing a cowhide rug because you are afraid that they are just for a “ranch house" look, fear not. These are five reasons why cowhide isn’t just for western-decorated styled homes.

Cowhide Is Ultra Chic

When you think of a ranch style home, the last thing you might use to describe it is “chic.” But a cowhide in the right setting can be very fashion-forward. Cowhides add a unique texture to a room. They make it more contemporary looking, and they add an ambiance of eclectic-chic that is counter to the ranch house look. That is just one of the beauties of cowhide - it can be extremely versatile.

Cowhide Is One of a Kind

A ranch style decor is very definable, meaning that there are certain staples that you have to have to set the tone. When it comes to a cowhide, however, there is nothing defined about it. Each cowhide has its very own pattern and look. A cowhide rug is truly a one of a kind piece.

Cowhide Comes in Different Styles

Just because cowhide rugs are made of the same material, that doesn't mean that they aren’t all different in their own right. If you are looking to overcome the ranch-style look, then buy one that isn’t the traditional brown on white. For a different look, check out the metallic or solid color cowhide rugs. They are anything but traditional ranch looking!

Cowhide Gives an Upscale Appearance

Ranch houses are all about sitting down and making yourself comfortable. However, the right cowhide rug in the right space can give a very upscale appearance. Go for a brightly colored rug, or try a pure white cowhide in an all-white room. With the right interior designer’s eye, your cowhide rug can scream “expensive and high end.”

Cowhide Complements Other Décor

Although traditionally a ranch accessory, a cowhide can play off of any decor that you have. It might define a ranch space by being predictable, but when put in another setting with furniture that isn’t ranch style, it blends in to create a cohesive look. With the variety of cowhide décor out there, it’s not hard to find the right piece to complement your space.

Cowhide might have a reputation for creating a ranch-style decor, but it is one of the most versatile decoration looks that you can use. No two are the same, and they blend in to finish off whatever look you are going for. Check out all the cowhide rugs available today at eCowhides.com.

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