3 Uses For A Cowhide Rug in the Basement

The best part about a basement is that it can be used in many different ways, and the best part about a cowhide rug is that it can be placed pretty much anywhere and look great! While the basement might be last on your decorating list, it is a space that can benefit from a beautiful cowhide rug. Think about ways you could use a cowhide rug in your basement to improve the overall look and feel of the space. Read on for three ideas of how to use a cowhide rug in a basement.

Put in a Man Cave

Many basements contain a space known as a “man cave.” This is a spot where the man of the house, or anyone who enjoys sports, can go to relax. It contains things like a big-screen TV, comfortable recliners, a bar, and a fridge for snacks and drinks. Add an authentic cowhide rug to the space to spruce up the room. It will also provide a comfortable place for guests to sit or rest their feet. Pick a color and style to match the already established look of the man cave.

Use in Child’s Play Area

Your kids will love having a cowhide rug in their basement play area. Whether this a spot where they do arts and crafts, read a book, or play video games, the cowhide rug gives them a comfortable place to plop down and relax. The soft cowhide rugs will allow your kids to sit and play without getting uncomfortable. Encourage them to pick out a rug they like. Kids tend to be drawn to bright and fun patterns, so look into getting them a metallic or color-dyed cowhide rug.

Provide Décor for Sitting Area

Some basements have a space for entertaining guests. There might be a bar, comfortable seating, and beautiful décor like art and plants. Decorate the sitting area of this space with a cowhide rug. It will add a classy, sophisticated look to the basement that will make your guests want to keep coming back. Pick a traditional cowhide rug to give the space a more rustic feel, or go for a more contemporary look with the patchwork cowhide rug.

A cowhide rug is a great investment for the basement. These rugs will enhance your underground space, whether it contains a man cave, child’s play area, or a classy sitting area. For more information about available cowhide rugs and decorating information, contact eCowhides today. 

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