3 Reasons to Buy Your Cowhide Rug Online

Cowhide rugs are currently a very popular home décor item. Did you know that some of the best cowhide rugs can be bought online at ecowhides.com? This website offers dozens of affordable, high-quality rugs in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. If you are looking for an authentic Brazilian cowhide rug, look no further! eCowhides has the rug for you and it will be delivered straight to your door. Here are 3 reasons to buy your cowhide rug form eCowhides.


eCowhide rugs are extremely affordable. For a good price, you can get an authentic cowhide rug shipped to your home. eCowhides also has many sales throughout the year. Check the website on various holidays and you will be sure to get a rug for a marked-down price. eCowhides also works with PayPal Credit, allowing customers to pay off their purchase over 6 months at 0% APR. eCowhides also provides free shipping to customers for purchases over $199.

Large Inventory

The second benefit of purchasing a cowhide rug online is the large inventory. When you go to a store, typically there is only a limited number of rugs on display. At eCowhides, you can scroll through a plethora of rugs in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. eCowhides actually has the largest inventory of cowhide products online. eCowhides also shares a gallery of what the rugs look like in real homes.

From a Family-Owned Tannery

A third reason to buy a cowhide rug online is that eCowhides carries authentic Brazilian rugs. When you buy a cowhide rug from a store, you will most likely have no idea where the rug is actually from. At eCowhides, you know the rug is from a family-owned company that has been in operation for over 60 years. eCowhides owns a tannery in Brazil that produces finely-made, high-quality rugs. The company also works directly with raw material providers to ensure the quality of the rugs.

There are many benefits to buying cowhide rugs online. At eCowhides there is a large available inventory, the prices are affordable, and it is a trusted, family-owned company. If you are still nervous about ordering a rug online, rest assured. eCowhides has a 30 days risk-free trial period. If you are unhappy with the rug, you can return it within that time window. Start browsing the inventory and order your new cowhide rug as soon as possible! Contact eCowhides with any questions about the rugs or the ordering process.


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