3 Places to Put a Cowhide Rug in the Master Bedroom

A master bedroom is the perfect place to put a cowhide rug. This room should be a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing place since you spend a lot of time there. As we unwind each day to fall asleep, it is important that we feel calm and relaxed in our environment. Thus, having a clean, well-decorated bedroom will be key to cultivating that peaceful feeling. Read on for three places you can put a cowhide rug in a master bedroom.

Under the Bed

A cowhide rug can be placed under the bed. This creates a nice look as it frames the bed on the floor. It is also perfect for homeowners with hardwood floors, as it gives them a cozy place to set their feet first thing in the morning. If you're placing the rug under the bed, be sure to purchase one that is big enough to come out on all sides of the bed.

In the Sitting Area

A lot of master bedrooms have sitting areas. This is another spot that would look great with a cowhide rug. You can use the rug as a starting point to decorate the whole room. Use the rug as inspiration when purchasing other décor items. Cowhide pillows would be a good complementary item to put on the chairs and couches in the sitting area to match the cowhide rug.

In the Master Bathroom

Rugs are becoming popular décor items in bathrooms. The master bathroom is typically large enough to fit a rug. This greatly adds to the ambiance of the bathroom and makes it a more visually appealing place. Put it on the floor in front of the vanity so that you have a nice spot to stand while getting ready. Just like in the bedroom, you can use the rug to plan the rest of the décor in the bathroom.

As you get ready to purchase a cowhide rug for your master bathroom, remember that these rugs are very versatile in their styles. They look great in rustic homes, modern homes, and everything in between! The style is timeless and gives homeowners a launching point for décor items in the rest of the room. At eCowhides, we have plenty of options when it comes to cowhide rugs. We have a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes. Stop by our website today, and contact us with any questions about styling your master bedroom with a cowhide rug. 

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