3 Places To Put A Color-Dyed Rug

When most people think of a cowhide rug, they think of the traditional brown or black and white styles. Did you know that you can get a color-dyed cowhide rug in a wide range of colors? At eCowhides.com, these colored rugs come in yellow, blue, green, pink, black, red, navy, purple, orange, and chocolate. Match the room or just pick your favorite color and get decorating! Here are 3 potential places to put a color-dyed cowhide rug in your house.

Child’s Room

A child’s room is the perfect place for a color-dyed cowhide rug. Often these rooms are the most colorful in the house, and this rug will add an appreciated touch of flair. Your child will love playing on their rug. Involve them in picking out the color so that they can feel ownership over decorating their room. These rugs are high-quality and can handle the general wear that comes with being in a child’s room. All of your child’s friends will want to come over and play due to this fun rug!


Another area to put the color-dyed cowhide rug is in the basement. The basement is often a space that is transformed into a game or rec room for the children. They will love picking out a cowhide rug for the space that shows off their favorite color. Some families dedicate their basement to their favorite sports team. Love University of Tennessee? Get an orange rug for your sports cave. A fan of Alabama? Go with red! Love UNC? Buy the blue rug! These rugs look great in basements and add to the overall appearance of the space.

Art Studio

If there is an artist in your family, you most likely have a space dedicated to their art. Whether this is in the basement or in an extra bedroom, this area is the perfect spot to add a colored cowhide rug. The rug plays into the artsy style of the room and allows the artist to express themselves with a color pop in their décor.

A color dyed cowhide rug can look great in many different rooms in the house. These rugs are designed for spaces where you need a pop of color. A child’s room, basement, and art studio are three perfect spots for this type of rug. For more information about color-dyed cowhide rugs, contact eCowhides today.

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